Anna Kitzmüller (Malika), born in Poland, lived for 25 years in Austria and currently divides her time between Austria and Morocco, which has become her second home. Educator and artist and trained traveling guide. Even as a little girl, she fell in love with the Orient, when she got the book “Arab fairytale” from her parents. As an adult, she has deepened her knowledge, specifically on Morocco, fascinated by the culture, the beauty and the people of this country. The mountains, oases, silence of the desert, the warm contact with our guests and with the locals, which is what she likes, and where she feels like a fish in water. Morocco is a country without time, and that is something she’s like to show you too, time to forget and to enjoy the beauty to the fullest. Anna is the co-founder of the organization Tinire Inspiration, she answers your emails and questions (small and large) and would love to accompany Polish and German speaking guests on their adventure. She speaks Polish, English and German; currently, she diligently learns Moroccan Arabic and Berber (Tamazight dialect). Aha, something, in the summer she get hardly any sleep, the stars that can be admired from the rooftop terrace are much too nice to go to sleep.