In the east of Morocco, in the rear of the Atlas mountains, the climate becomes very hot in the summer. In July and August, temperatures climb up to 53°C (127°F), due to the influence of the giant desert region of the Sahara. Not many people live there – us included. In the close proximity, there are two deserts, which belong to the Sahara. The first is the desert of the Erg Chebbi, in the south-east of Morocco, close to the border to Algeria. It is a frequently visited destination, because there are dunes to visit, which reach a height of up to 150 m.

The second desert, also in the south-eastern part of the country, is the Erg Chegaga. The dunes span over a length of 40 kilometres, and reach a height of up to 300 metres. They are also gorgeous, but harder to reach. They are accessible by 4×4 vehicles of on the back of camels. A trekking tour to Timbuktu, on camels’ back through the desert takes 52 days. The Erg Chegaga is considered unspoiled nature. We organize tours to both Ergs, but our personal favourite is Chegaga.

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The trekking tours that we organize take 2 to 8 days. For expeditions that take more than a day, we do not only arrange a housing in the permanent camp, but we also take tents with us to provide improvised shelter in different places. These trekking tours allow to to become acquainted with the real life of the Berbers – you can learn how to bake bread, how to cook typical meals or how to prepare tea traditionally. In the evening, the nightsky and a camp fire await the travellers; there we play drums and other traditional musical instruments. I can ensure you that you will never forget the gorgeous sunrise and sunset. The light of the sun changes the colour of the sand every minute, for an amazing view. In the night, millions of stars shine, but full moon totally changes the landscape’s appearance. I have no doubt that you will want to come back to us, the sooner the better.

The tents are equiped with beds, but in the warm months, we rather sleep under the open sky. There are toilets and showers. The trekking tours are led by an experienced guide, who knows the desert insided out. I am often there in person, to provide my help in Polish and German (soon also English).