In Morocco, the word “Kasbah” is often used to label the castles (tighremt) built by the Berbers. The military nature of those buildings, which were used as defensive installations in the past, is no longer relevant. Like all Berber buildings, these are made of easily available, local building materials – dried, not burnt clay, mixed with straw.

Younes descends from a nomad family and lived a nomad’s life in his youth. When the aridity and heat in the desert became too strong, Younes’ grandfather decided it would be better to go to a place with better living conditions. Therefore, Younes’ family moved with their tent near Tagonite. The Kasbah was built later; it has a capacity for 50 to 100 people to live in, and because Younes’ family was the first to live there, it is named after Younes’ grandfather.